Bizimlə əlaqə

Services on the organization of forecasting, preparation and implementation of income, expenses

1. Preparation of the budget forecast project for the next year in organizations financed from the budget;
2. Based on the approved indicators of the state budget, drawing up and approving cost estimates in organizations and income and expenditure estimates (overall estimate) for extra-budgetary funds in an appropriate manner;
3. Preparation of justified calculations (confirming documents) on cost items provided for in the next year’s forecast project;
4. Preparation of expenses for the next year and the following three years according to the functional and economic classification at the level of section, auxiliary section, paragraph, item and expense sub-items and submitted to relevant institutions
5. Compilation of the distribution of the approved state budget expenses by quarters and months;
6. Determination and regulation of limits for the consumption of utility services (electricity and heat energy, natural gas and water) in budget organizations
7. If necessary, within the limits of approved budget allocations, making relevant changes within the sections of the functional classification, between sections, auxiliary sections, paragraphs, articles and sub-articles of the economic classification;
8. Compilation, approval and implementation of income and expenditure estimates of the funds obtained from the work and services provided by the organizations financed from the budget;
9. Compilation and approval of the staff table in state bodies, granting allowances to civil servants, managers according to qualification, length of service and exercise of authority, as well as other allowances stipulated by legislation (according to the normative legal document);
10. Compilation of tariff schedules in enterprises where payment of labor is carried out with the Uniform Tariff Schedule (VTC);
11. Dislocation of costs of “Housing and Communal Management” of the functional classification of the Unified Budget Classification (VBT) financed by local executive authorities and compilation of cost estimates;
12. Application of rules for cleaning the territory of residential areas in accordance with sanitary rules, hygiene and environmental regulations, temporary storage, regular transportation and neutralization of household waste
13. Calculation of costs related to street sweeping, lighting and maintenance of green areas, financed in accordance with schemes approved by local executive authorities, in accordance with applicable regulations;
14. Procedures for drawing up and approving an estimate of income and expenses related to the use of the part of the funds already received at the end of the budget year that are kept at the disposal of the city and district executive authorities from the revenues provided to the state budget through the lines of the tax authorities for the cities and regions of the Republic;
15. Compilation, approval and implementation of income and expenditure estimates in enterprises and organizations, joint-stock companies, non-governmental organizations and public legal entities in which the state’s share in the charter fund is 30 percent or more;
16. Calculation of official salary, supplements to official salary, compensation payments for leave of employees working in enterprises and organizations;