Bizimlə əlaqə

Accounting according to International Standards of Financial Reporting

1. Implementation of the “Accounting Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan”;
2. Continuously carry out accounting on the basis of primary accounting documents, compiling accounting registers;
3. Preparation of Financial Reports;
4. Conducting synthetic accounting on the basis of memorial warrant form in accordance with International Standards of Financial Reporting, International Standards of Financial Reporting for Small and Medium Business Entities and International Standards of Accounting for the Public Sector;
5. “Formulation of accounting policy according to International Accounting Standards (IAS);
6. Implementation of the order of withdrawal of funds from the account;
7. Application of annual depreciation rates for depreciable assets;
8. Depreciation deductions and calculation of the amounts deducted from income for depreciable assets;
9. Inventory of actions and obligations;
10. Cash accounting and cash transactions of taxpayers;
11. Determining the payments that are taken into account and not taken into account during the calculation of the average salary for the leave period and applying the rule of multiplying the average salary for the leave period;
12. Implementation of the instruction on the reflection of the repair costs, which should be deducted from the income, in the accounting;
13. Application of “Employee Travel Rules”;
14. Application of travel expenses norms;