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"Azeruchot" Limited Liability Company

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About us

"Azeruchot" Limited Liability Company was registered with the State Register on March 13, 2003 by the Baku Regional Department for State Registration of Legal Entities of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan, issued with the CERTIFICATE No. 0103-P7-37414. The main activities of the company are the organization and conduct of accounting in business entities operating regardless of organizational-legal and ownership form, preparation of accounting reports, formulation of accounting policy, establishment of internal accounting depending on the subject of economic activity, advice on compliance with budget and tax legislation, training conducting and providing Scientific-Methodical Services in other related fields.


Auditor services

Related auditor services

Accounting services

Expertise services

Services for preschool educational institutions

Public procurement services

Services on the organization of forecasting, preparation and implementation of income, expenses

Why do customers choose us?

Our employees consist of professional specialists who have worked in the financial system of the Republic of Azerbaijan for a long time, have sufficient scientific knowledge and experience in the field of legislation covering tax, budget and treasury systems, as well as international standards of accounting.

“Azeruchot” LLC organizes and conducts accounting, prepares accounting reports, formulates accounting policies, as well as financial statements in accordance with international standards in enterprises and organizations that are financed from the state budget, receive financial assistance, have a share of the state, Public Legal Entities, Limited Liability Companies and Open Joint-Stock Companies in our country. is an audit organization specialized in conducting compliance audits and providing independent audit opinions.

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