Bizimlə əlaqə

Services for preschool educational institutions

1. Application and conduct of accounting in preschool educational institutions;
2. Forecasting income and expenses in preschool educational institutions;
3. Preparation of the cost estimate;
4. Compilation of the report on the implementation of the cost estimate;
5. Compilation of the Model Charter of the preschool educational institution;
6. Drafting of the Regulation on preschool educational institutions;
7. Compilation of the Model Regulation on the pedagogical councils of preschool educational institutions and orphanages;
8. Implementation of the “Model Regulations on Pedagogical Councils of Preschool Educational Institutions and Children’s Homes”;
9. Implementation of “State standard and program of preschool education”;
10. Compilation and approval of pre-school educational institution financing regulations;
11. Determination of exemplary staff units of preschool institutions;
12. Determination of the material and technical base and educational infrastructure of the preschool educational institution;
13. Implementation of food norms for children (in grams per day per child) in kindergartens, orphanages and preschool sanatoriums;
14. Implementation of food norms for children (in grams per day per child) in nurseries, kindergartens and children’s homes;
15. Regarding the calculation of the financing norms for the next fiscal year of preschool educational institutions by types of expenses (food, inventory, equipment, etc.)